Club Affiliation Guidelines

Your club can now become affiliated with British Roundnet. Find out more with our Club Affiliation Guidelines,

2024 Roundnet World Championships Press Release

Great Britain has won the bid to host the 2024 Roundnet World Championships - full press release, including assets for use by the media is below.

Worlds 2024 Bid Document

We have successfully reached the second round of the bidding process to host the Roundnet World Championships 2024. You can find our prospectus attached.

Governing Documents

British Roundnet is applying to become a charity regulated by the charities commission and will act in line with its governing document once approved.

Come back soon...

We are in the process of updating our policies in line with Sport England guidelines - come back here soon to find updates to the way we run the organisation.

BR Development Plan: 2020-2025

Written in 2020, our five year development plan details our ambitions and goals for the organisation from 2020-2025.

BR Annual Report 2021 and Year Vision 2022

Every january, in time for our annual general meeting, we publish our annual report that rounds up the performance of the organisation over the past year.

BR Annual Report 2022 and Year Vision 2023

We have now published our annual report for 2022 and year vision for 2023 - follow the link below!

Funding: University Grant Programe 2023

Are you a group of students playing roundnet? Apply to our new grant funding programe and let us know what you would do with grant funding from British Roundnet - up to £250 per application.

Draft Governing Document 2023

At our next AGM on 5th February 2023, we will ask our members to vote in the following constitution. The changes will be explained in detail at the meeting.
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